Pinnacle Polymers understands your needs. From day one, our company has been committed to developing and producing the full range of fiber grade polypropylenes to serve all the major fiber processes. With our Garyville, Louisiana location we are able to serve all of North America. With our proximity to the Southeastern United States, our customers know they can count on us to fill their growing needs, all with the railcar to railcar consistency that is a hallmark of Pinnacle's polypropylenes.

Pinnacle is the premier supplier to the fiber industry. We began that way in 1991,as Epsilon Products Company, when our first plant went on line and we have continued to improve our fiber product line ever since. We are customer-focused and quality-driven to meet the polypropylene needs of the fiber producer. Pinnacle offers extremely high purity, zero gas fade and recognized lot-to-lot consistency. Our state of the art facility at Garyville, Louisiana has capacity to produce over 900 million pounds. At this facility, Pinnacle utilizes the latest UNIPOL™ technology enhanced with our proprietary process innovations. Add to this years of technical experience in polypropylene fiber applications and we are the supplier that can meet the demanding needs of today's fiber producer.

Our geographic location and homopolymer capacity expansions illustrate our dedication to serving the fiber industry. While others exited the market, Pinnacle expanded our commitment and our fiber resin production capabilities. The strategic location of our Garyville facility will provide reduced transit times resulting in improved service and reduced inventory-carrying costs to our fiber customers. Pinnacle's corporate structure was designed without layers, which means rapid response. This results in a company that is makes it easy to conduct business. Pinnacle is poised to exceed your requirements today as well as tomorrow.