Pinnacle is the can-do supplier for injection molding polypropylene. We had that attitude as a start up company in 1991 and we maintain it now as one of the top polypropylene producers in North America. Our customer focus and quality commitment allow us to meet the demanding needs of your business. At our state-of-the-art facility in Garyville, Louisiana we utilize the latest UNIPOL™ technology enhanced with our proprietary process innovations. Add to this years of technical experience in polypropylene injection molding applications and we are the supplier that can meet the demanding needs of today's injection molders.

Our geographic location means reduced transit times, improved service, and lower inventory-carrying costs. Pinnacle's corporate structure was designed without layers, which means rapid response from product development to commercial production with the specific properties customers require. Pinnacle's product line is designed to meet the specific requirements of high speed molding operations. All of this result in improved productivity, performance and profit for our customers with unrivaled speed.

In only a few years, Pinnacle has grown into one of the premier polypropylene producers. Our growth and success resulted from our ability to better serve the customer with the products they required. Pinnacle is not just another big polypropylene producer. For companies like yours, Pinnacle is a key part of the production process, working with you to engineer the optimum polymer for your process needs. Our focus on complete customer satisfaction hasn't changed since our start up. We're people who can respond to your changing business, fast. We'll make things happen.