About Pinnacle


More than just a polypropylene manufacturing company

At Pinnacle Polymers, polypropylene is all we do. Our goal is to improve the lives of everyone our product touches with our homopolymer, impact copolymer and random copolymer. Long-term partnerships and customer intimacy are paramount. In return, we guarantee our clients direct lines of communication with decision-makers, vast expertise and a real prospect of co-development.

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We specialize in polypropylene, which allows us to bring the highest quality of resins to the market.



Pinnacle is a nimble and responsive company that can provide customizable solutions.



Our proven and measurable quality is delivered from batch to batch.

A Different Kind of Polypropylene Company

Pinnacle Polymers is located just 30 minutes outside of New Orleans, LA. Our location offers a geographic supply alternative to most polypropylene manufacturers in the US, mitigating supply disruption from major weather and railroad disruption events. 

We manufacture our polypropylene plastics in Garyville, Louisiana in one of the most modern Unipol facilities in North America.  Our two production lines in Southern Louisiana produce upwards of one billion pounds of polypropylene per year.

Over 20 years ago, the Pinnacle plant began as an answer to a waste problem, transforming waste from chemical factories into building blocks for various applications. Our strategic location provides us with a higher production stability, and it allows us to organize our transportation in a more eco-friendly way. 

At Pinnacle, we consistently provide added value to our customers. With our proven performers in polypropylene and our excellent customer service, we can provide customizable solutions to fit your needs. 


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