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Our Polypropylene Solutions

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Pinnacle's homopolymer, impact copolymer and random copolymer are all proven performers.  With years of technical experience, we provide a nimble, flexible and responsive buying process, delivering virgin polypropylene for many applications including injection molding, fiber extrusion, sheet- and thermoforming.

Circular Polypropylene Solutions

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Injection Molding

The process of Injection Molding happens when you mold polypropylene down to a flow-state to put it in a mold. Pinnacle's polypropylene pellets have been developed to meet the specific needs of high speed molding operations. This brings improved productivity, performance and profit to our customers.

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Fiber Extrusion

Our polypropylene can also be used for fiber extrusion. This is the process of melting plastic in an extruder, passing the molten plastic through a melt pump and then forcing it into a die block that has a number of very small holes.

The plastic flows from the die block, where it is quickly quenched and forms a continuous filament. The fiber is then drawn to several times the original fiber length in order to increase molecular orientation and tensile strength. Afterwards chopping, crimping and the application of process chemicals can occur.

With an increased capacity, we show our dedication to serving the fiber industry. The strategic location of our Garyville facility will provide reduced transit times resulting in improved service and reduced inventory-carrying costs to our fiber customers.

Sheet- and Thermoforming

One of our Polypropylene applications possible is sheet- and thermoforming. Here, Polypropylene sheets are heated to a pliable forming temperature and formed to a specific shape in a mold and trimmed to create a usable end product.

Our homo- and copolymers has a high value-in-use compared to other polymers due to their physical properties, specific gravity, ease of conversion and cost. We focus on clean, gel-free resins and meet the specific needs of the newest in-line and roll-feed extrusion thermoforming equipment. Meanwhile, our state-of-the-art stabilization and additive systems deliver the slip and anti-blocking properties required for your application.

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